Pastor Deacon Fred and Betty Bowers Fly to Nigeria After Receiving Urgent E-mail Request From Estranged Son of Late President, Mobutu Sese Seko.
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Derrick Todd Lee: Murderer or Martyr?
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Arabs Available for Purchase at Annual Household Help Auction Church Deacons vote to broaden Descendents of Canaan Eligibility Ruling Read More>

Universal Studios Pays Jim Carrey $20 Million to Squat Down and Poop on the Holy Bible
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Pastor Condemns Selfish Stoning of Sons

Pastor Deacon Fred strongly condemned Tyler, Texas mother, Deanna Laney's stoning to death of her sons despite her claim that God told her to do it. Pastor told the congregation at last Sunday's sunrise service: "Deuteronomy 21:21 makes it very clear that unruly children are to be taken to the townsquare and stoned to death by all the townspeople. Mrs. Lane selfishly decided to deny the people of her community the opportunity to join in on the stoning and thus deserves whatever punishment she gets."

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The Matrix Reloaded
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