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Did the Travoltas Murder Their Son and Send Him to Hell? Did the Travoltas Murder Their Son and Send Him to Hell? 
Brother Harry Hardwick delivers a seizure-inducing sunrise sermon on Scientology to kick off the new year!  MORE>

Bo's Law - How to Determine Whether Atheist Web Sites are Legitimate or Just Sites Making Fun of AtheistsBO'S LAW 
A new resource for those of us who find it nearly impossible to tell whether a person or organization is legitimately Atheist or is simply a person or organization making fun of Atheism. MORE>   

Cleanin' up the web with Pastor Deacon Fred - New Monthly Message with Loads of Links!Cleanin' Up the Web With Pastor Deacon Fred!  Pastor's new monthly column!  January 2009's message of hope and spiritual cleansing loaded with delightful links the Lord orders Pastor to reveal!  MORE>

The True Christian™ Guide to the Movies!Satan's Favorite Movies From 2008! 
Gain a spiritual understanding of how Lucifer guides Hollywood film directors to vomit unholy filth into your local cinemas. Loaded with every movie worth reviewing up to 2008! MORE>

Betty Bowers Political CommentarySister Betty Bowers Blog
Visit the Blog of America's Best Christian™ for the latest Godly commentary. MORE>

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100% Genuine E-mails sent to Landover Baptist from concerned Christian citizens Updated with the last of 2008 e-mails. READ>

Shop at your favorite church - Landover Baptist for the Holidays and help Jesus help us to deliver True Christian™ news for another Godly Year!

Why Christians Shouldn't Care About the EnvironmentWhat Can Christians Do to Help Increase Global Warming?  We learned this year that the faster Earth heats up, the quicker Jesus will return! Glory!  MORE>

Shocking Bible Discovery Shatters the Homosexual Agenda!The Shocking Bible Discovery That Shattered the Homosexual Agenda!  We learned this year that the Bible actually reveals the exact number of Homos living anywhere in the world, and it is nowhere near the numbers they would have you believe!" MORE>

The List of Questions From American Christian Children For  Barack ObamaRepublican Kids Still Say the Darndest Things About Barack Obama! "Read eye-opening questions our Godly Children asked about our "so-called" President elect.  MORE> 

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