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The Golden Compass and ChristianityThe Golden Compass Vs. The Holy Bible!  
Compare the dangerously inappropriate ideas presented in a controversial new film to the healthy ideas our children are exposed to in the Holy Bible. 
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Mrs. Betty Bowers is Running For President!MRS. BETTY BOWERS BLOG
Elect Betty Bowers & Her Invisible Running Mate 2008

Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian™ jumps into the political race with a blog, videos, and much more! Click Here

Proof of Intelligent Design is Right Between Your Legs, Silly!Proof of Intelligent Design is Right Between Your Legs!  God intelligently reminds men they are to get married every time they look down at that meddlesome pink ring around the tip of their tallywacker. Learn More!>

Mitt Romney's Hilarious Religious BeliefsMitt Romney's Hilarious Religious Beliefs!  
Mormonism is second only to Scientology as craziest cult Satan ever boiled up in the Lake of Fire! 
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The Pastor Deacon Fred Family's Holiday News For Christian Friends!Pastor's Family Christmas Letter  
Pastor Deacon Fred keeps us all updated with his annual message to friends and family. 
Click Here!>

The Landover Baptist Christmas Quiz!Does God Approve of Our Yuletide Rituals?  Take out your Bible to find the shocking answers to our holiday Christmas Quiz! Quiz!>

Santa Claus is Satan and Other Insights to Help Christian Families Put the Christ Back Into CHRISTmas!Santa Claus is Satan! Holiday tips for putting Christ back into CHRISTmas! More!>

God's Top 20 Holiday Gifts For Unsaved PeopleGod's Top 20 Holiday Gifts For Unsaved People  
Browse and purchase the Lord's most popular items in our incredible gift shop.Let Me See!>

Manly Mitt Romney's Magical Mormon Underwear Blowout Sale - Click Here!  (While Supplies Last!)

Should Unsaved People Be Allowed to Mock God by Celebrating Christmas? 
Learn the Truth! Read Pastor Deacon Fred's important annual holiday message.
Read It!>

The Devil's Favorite Christmas ToysLucifer's Toy Chest Satan's list of Christmas gifts are guaranteed to send your child to prison – and you to a shallow grave.  Click Here

Accept Christ and Get a Free Frozen Turkey!Accept Christ as Savior & Get A Free Frozen Turkey! 
This offer has no strings attached other than the strings that hogtie the mouthwatering, steroid-engorged legs of this wonderful gift! More!>

Tips on Sharing Jesus with Gnomes, Dwarves, Dark Elves and More!NEW: YOUTUBE™ VIDEOS!
Winning Souls to Christ in the Virtual World of Warcraft
Christian gamers accept the challenge of sharing Christ's message in a perilous, virtual, lava-soaked, environment.
Full Story>

Holiday Leftovers for the Homeless Who Confess ChristA Holiday Leftover Feast For Local Homeless Folks Who Confess Christ!  
Homeless who qualify for the free leftover meal will enjoy a mandatory church service where they will sing hymns and smile through photo sessions. 
Full Story!>

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The Unforgivable Sin: Have You Committed It?
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Work Begins on 2008 Christian Voter's Guide  
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The Evolutionist Conspiracy Guide  
Click Here to Discuss>

Journey With Us Through the Bible in a Year! 
Click Here to Learn>

Baptists For Republican Faith!  Praise Jesus!  
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Bible Based SexBaptist Sexuality  
Satan is making your soft, inviting body HIS business!  I Want to See More!>

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We have a permanent injunction against all unsaved persons. If you are unsaved, you are not allowed within a 10-mile radius of our church, nor are you allowed on this website. Kindly leave, and be about the Devil's business, for you are not welcome here. Glory!

If you are interested in getting saved, and you are not joking around about it just to upset us, we ask you kindly to click on this link and we'll help you get started on processing your eternal security certification right away!

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