RECTUMS: The Resort of Choice for Well-Traveled Demons
Creation Scientists reveal the results of a shocking 5-year study and discover tiny demons that set up camp near the anus often go unnoticed unless one pays close attention.
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Murdered Children Reunited With Born-Again Killer In Heaven!
The hot, wet blood of his hacked up little victims is replaced with precious blood of Jesus!
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The Truth About Exercise! The Truth About Exercise! A Bible Based Quiz A Bible Based Quiz Brother Harry Preaches! Brother Harry Preaches! Christian Fashion! Christian Fashion! Landover Movie Preview! Landover Movie Preview! KJV 1611 Only Hot Tips For Christian Singles!

Christian Persecution Comes in Form of Lawsuit
Read the Hollywood court case that threatened 157,000 Landover Baptists with jail time for telling the truth! Adobe PDF required.
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Placed By Federal Requirement
You've already seen thousands of these flyers around Freehold. The FBI wasted the time of over 200 Deacons who could have been out soulwinning. Now the officers who think it's more important to locate two polygamists than it is to save souls from burning in Hell are making it a legal requirement for us to place the flyer online.
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Movie Review: Jurassic Park
"Hogwash!" says Brother Hardwick.
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our christian world

Pastor has now received the requested disc from the IRS listing all congregation families' "President Bush Refunds" (hereinafter "PBR"). If you would like to find out the amount of your PBR or the date that it will be direct-deposited into the church general fund account, please remit to pastor's secretary, Mrs. Jergins, $15 to process this information for you. Please remember that your PBR is considered a gift from God and His Republican Party -- and will NOT count towards your usual tithe obligations. This means that even if your PBR is over $100,000, you will NOT be entitled to move up a precious metal in our tithing program. Gold Level Tithers are strongly encouraged to more than "match" the PBR with a like contribution -- to show that even President Bush isn't more generous to the Lord than a Landover Baptist Gold Level Tither."

Please leave seat 21 in row K vacant. Jesus will be sitting in it this whole month. Thank you.

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Planet of the Apes
Charlton Heston does his best to save Christians from Hollywood's vehicle for Satan's big lie: EVOLUTION.

Tomb Raider: Hollywood Spits on the Resurrection
Hannibal Delightfully Biblical!
The Grinch Satan Painted Green
Castaway A Life Without Jesus
Blair Witch 2 A Christian Movie!
The Patriot Anti-Christian Trash!
Thomas & The Magic Railroad
Dinosaur: Not for Children
Me, Myself & Satan: Demon Possession
Gladiator: Homosexual lust!
American Psycho: Bill Clinton
Man on the Moon: ...or Devil in Hell?
Toy Story 2: Satan's New Film
The Green Mile: Men, Prison, Showers
Blair Witch Project: Dora Jean Reviews
Boys Don't Cry: "Bull Dykes Don't Cry"
American Beauty: Ugly Satanic Slop
The Talented Mr. Ripley: Fine Christian Fare

Christian Movie Reviews With Which We Agree

We have a permanent injunction against all unsaved persons. If you are unsaved, you are not allowed within a 10-mile radius of our church, nor are you allowed on this website. Kindly leave, and be about the Devil's business, for you are not welcome here. Glory!

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