Circumcise Yourself! Seal your commitment to God by cutting off part of your penis! It's easy to do. All you need is a kitchen knife and a can of Crisco!
Just Because God Loves To Kill Babies, Doesn't Give You Permission!
Sermon On Abortion: Read It!>
Nipple-Flashing Harlot Dragged From Last Sunday's Service! "No breast-feeding during Bible-study, church, or anywhere in public!"
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The Bible Punishment Quiz: Part II
What are God's favorite ways of punishing people who don't love Him?
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WNBA: Wannabe Nasty Boys Association
These are women who have defied God and decline to serve men!
I'm a Christian! Tell me more!>

Cruisin' For Jesus!
Our Pastors head to Vegas for a night of "high stakes" soul-winning!"
Look and Learn!>

Allah Is Not God
"Satan has tricked Mooslims into believing they are worshipping God," says Pastor Deacon Fred. "True Christians know that Allah is just desert talk for moon. These folks are worshipping the moon!"
Read This Sermon!>

Movie Review: Tomb Raider
Pastor warns, "This is NOT a film about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the angels who robbed his tomb."
Movie Review!>

Are You Unsaved?
The word "unsaved" is in the dictionary. Why don't you look it up?
Click Here For Webster's Definition --->

Heaven Nervously Greets American Timothy McVeigh
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our christian world

Click on the links below for amazing Christian news from around the world! Praise Jesus!

Polish Catholics Apologize to Jews They Killed

Blasphemous Mormon Doctrine Encourages Polygamy

Divorce Rate Lower Among True Christians

White House Kicks Out Prayer Group

Another Catholic Priest, Another 14 Yr Old Boy

Vatican Fights Pro-Self-Pollution Priest

Crazy Boodists Scared of Chickens' Souls

Abercrombie Catalog is Nothing But Disgusting Porno

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Our Godly Film Reviews
Planet of the Apes
Charlton Heston does his best to save Christians from Hollywood's vehicle for Satan's big lie: EVOLUTION.
Hannibal Delightfully Biblical!
The Grinch Satan Painted Green
Castaway A Life Without Jesus
Blair Witch 2 A Christian Movie!
The Patriot Anti-Christian Trash!
Thomas & The Magic Railroad
Dinosaur: Not for Children
Me, Myself & Satan: Demon Possession
Gladiator: Homosexual lust!
American Psycho: Bill Clinton
Man on the Moon: ...or Devil in Hell?
Toy Story 2: Satan's New Film
The Green Mile: Men, Prison, Showers
Blair Witch Project: Dora Jean Reviews
Boys Don't Cry: "Bull Dykes Don't Cry"
American Beauty: Ugly Satanic Slop
The Talented Mr. Ripley: Fine Christian Fare

Christian Movie Reviews With Which We Agree

Interactive Bible Quizzes!
Link To Our Bible Quiz Page (click here)

Test your Bible knowledge by taking one of these quizzes!
The Bible Diet Quiz
The Bible Slavery Quiz
New "test" ament Quiz
Role of Women Bible Quiz
Creation Science Quiz
New Testament Damnation Quiz
The Wrath of God Quiz
Bible Punishment Quiz
Bible Sex Quiz
What Did Jesus Say? Flash Quiz!

Landover Movies!
Flash Movie: Levitical Law Week Flash Movie: Bush Campaign
Animated Gif: The Jesus Fish
Movie File: Film Protest

Christian Politics
The Devil jumped right out of GW into his daughter! Focus your unspoken prayer requests by digging through the dirt!

We Need Dick!
Betty's Notes
Abortion Rumor
Bush Quotes!
Court Supremes
Church Ladies
Homos & Kids!

High Yellow
Laura Bush Interview
Clinton - Porn Lover
Liberals Hate
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Boycott Disney

A Godly Warning
We have a permanent injunction against all unsaved persons. If you are unsaved, you are not allowed within a 10-mile radius of our church, nor are you allowed on this website. Kindly leave, and be about the Devil's business, for you are not welcome here. Glory!

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