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2002 Newsletter Archive

December 2002
The Homosexual Habits of Hobbits in the New Film, The Two Towers
Should Unsaved People Be Allowed to Celebrate Christmas?
A Handy Guide to Biblical Terminology
How to Be Ladylike and Christian - At the Same Time! Sister Heather Hardwick
The Perfect Prayer Sister Betty Bowers
December 2002: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

November 2002
Thanksgiving: A Wonderful Day To Share Jesus With an Injun!
Pastor Deacon Fred Leads 3,000 Atheists To Christ in 20-minutes
The True Christian Voter Guide PDF
God's Favorite Ways To Kill: Bible Quiz
Sissy Christians Make Jesus Vomit
November 2002: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

October 2002
Halloween Tips For Holyweeners!
Veggie Tales: Using Sexually Suggestive Vegetables to Sell Salvation
Book Burning: A True ChristianŽ Tradition
Why Do Catholics Worship Mary?
Is the DC Sniper Working For Jesus?
October 2002: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

September 2002
Bible Fear Factor: Too Gruesome For Network Television!
Back To School Witnessing Tips For True ChristianŽ Students
When Your Imaginary Friend Tells You His Name is Jesus
Why Would Someone Create a Website to Make Fun of Fundamentalist Christians?
September 2002: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

August 2002
Don't Get Caught on the Toilet When Jesus Comes Back!
3,000 Horses That Refused to Believe God and Fly Are Now Dead
Why Do Chinese People Talk Funny? (Sermon)
Super Creepy Bible Creature Generator (Flash Tool)
License to Sin Bible Quiz?
Does God Send Bears to Kill Little Children?
King of the Mary Worshippers Thumbs His Nose At God and Refuses to Die!
Why Do People Create Websites that Mock Fundamentalist Christians?
God Ignores Cries of Little Girl Trapped in Wishing Well
August 2002: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

July 2002
WICCA: Intoxicated by Christian Blood
If It Says, "In God We Trust" On It, Send It to Your Local Church Where it Belongs.
$2.5 Billion Secured to Begin Construction on Salvation City
2002 Jesus Values ExcellenceŽ Awards
Are Christian Rock Stars Too Sexy For The Lord?
Presidential Prayer Squad Issues Emergency Green Card to Jesus
Tom Cruise: American Traitor
July 2002: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

June 2002
Homosexual Reparative: Lisping Surgery
Sex-Free Bible Spurs Controversy
Is Scooby Doo Turning Kids On To The Occult?
7 Real Deadly Sins: Bible Quiz
Is Your Christian Child In Trouble?
Operation Rescue Agrees To Expel Al Qaeda Terrorists
The Sunday Morning Hair Salon
June 2002: Surfin' The Web With Jesus
Mohommad Was A Demon-Possessed Pedophile

May 2002
Veggie Tales Releases Sexually Suggestive Toy
Is Breastfeeding a Gateway Sin?
Demon Possessed Canines
It's Not Gambling if It's For Jesus!
Star Wars Action Alert
May 2002: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

April 2002
24 - Hour Hotline For Abused Altar Boys
Response To New York Times Ad Throws Site Offline
The Bible Fact Quiz
The Bible Doesn't Mention Any Ice Age So Shut Up About It!
Church Requires Atheists To Publicly Identify Themselves
April 2002: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

March 2002
Pastor's Gun Misfires During Sermon
In Surprise Gesture, God Damns ABC's Diane Sawyer Straight to Hell
American Children Are Masturbating With Abdominal Exercise Machines!
Trouble Taking The Bible Seriously? This Pill Can Help!
Jr. High Gun-Point Salvation Retreat PDF Persmission Slip
Liars Claim Jesus Was Black
March 2002: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

February 2002
I've Got A Heart On For Jesus Campaign
Martha Stewart Opens Christian Body Parts Store
900 Pound Pastor Preaches From Bed
Authentic Genital Free Baby Jesus Dolls Graphic Ad
The Wrath Of God Quiz: Part 2
February 2002: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

January 2002
Apostle's Grove: Fine Equestrian Homes For Discriminating Christians
Accept Christ - Get a Free Digital Phone Graphic Ad
Southern Baptist Pastors Assist Feds With Racial Profiling
Betty Bowers Makes Sure Whitehouse Visitors Don't Slip In Pretzel Vomit
Pastor Counsels President on Alcohol Problem

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