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Thanksgiving: A Wonderful Day to Share Christ With an Injun!
A drunk Injun is a common enough thing, but did you know that while an Injun is intoxicated it might well be the safest time to approach one?
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Muslims Protest Being Called Violent, By Rioting

"I always knew my brother in Christ, Dr. Jerry Falwell was a man of God," said Pastor Deacon Fred, "One need only look at his investment portfolio, offshore accounts and waistline to know how much he has been blessed. But, until know, I just wasn't aware that he also had the gift of prophecy." Dr. Falwell revealed that the prophet Mohammad was a violent man, and a man of war, during a CBS news broadcast just last week. Falwell implied that the Muslim people in general are violent, because the Koran commands them to be violent. Dr. Falwell was criticized for these godly statements by the secular press. But within days, Muslims fulfilled Dr. Falwell's prophesy by taking to the streets of Bombay to riot, kill, and loot in response to Dr. Falwell's comments. "Now that I know they are so stupid they will do whatever I accuse them of," responded Dr. Falwell, "I have a few more accusations about those Christ-haters up my sleeve that should get them to kill all of each other off by month's end. If that doesn't work, we can go over there in the name of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, and slaughter them, like we did in the glorious Crusades! I feel a victory coming on! Praise!"

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Scooby Doo
Is Hollywood Using A Saturday Morning Cartoon Series As Bait To Lure Christian Children Into Signing a Contract With Satan? Quite simply, The Answer is Yes.

Ice Age A Secular Lie!
Harry Potter Witchcraft
Monsters A Talking Testicle!
Planet of the Apes: Beastiality
Jurassic Park III: Demons, not Dinosaurs
Tomb Raider: Spitting on the Resurrection
Hannibal Delightfully Biblical!
The Grinch Satan Painted Green
Castaway A Life Without Jesus
Blair Witch 2 A Christian Movie!
The Patriot Anti-Christian Trash!
Thomas & The Magic Railroad
Dinosaur: Not for Children
Me, Myself & Satan: Demon Possession
Gladiator: Homosexual lust!
American Psycho: Bill Clinton
Man on the Moon: ...or Devil in Hell?
Toy Story 2: Satan's New Film
The Green Mile: Men, Prison, Showers
Blair Witch Project: Dora Jean Reviews
Boys Don't Cry: "Bull Dykes Don't Cry"
American Beauty: Ugly Satanic Slop
The Talented Mr. Ripley: Fine Christian Fare

Christian Movie Reviews With Which We Agree

We have a permanent injunction against all unsaved persons. If you are unsaved, you are not allowed within a 10-mile radius of our church, nor are you allowed on this website. Kindly leave, and be about the Devil's business, for you are not welcome here. Glory!

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On January 20, 2001, President George W. Bush signed an executive order establishing the United States Department of Faith (DOF). Headed by Mr. Bush's and God's favorite church
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