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The Top Christian News Stories From 2006A LOOK BACK AT:
True Christian™ news stories that shook Satan's world in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ, 2006" 
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A Map of the Landover Baptist Church CampusA Map of Our Godly Church Campus! 
Visit the sacred grounds of the most Godly Church in America! Look!>

Free Playstation 3 OfferFOR KIDS ONLY!
Accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Get a Free Playstation 3!
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Reader Mail From Landover Baptist - Updated With December 2006 Mail!Reader Mail!
100% Genuine E-mails sent directly to Landover Baptist from millions of concerned citizens. Read!>

Bible Based SexBaptist Sexuality  
Satan is making your soft, inviting body HIS business!  Stop his wandering red claws from tickling your True Christian™ fancy! More!>

Catholics and Their Blasphemous Worship of MaryLandover Baptist's Guide to Mary Worshippers  Everything you need know about those hell-bound, ring-kissing, candle-lighting, Mary worshipping, skirt-wearing Catholics!  
Get Informed!>

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Santa Claus in Critical Condition After Scuffle With Baptist Youths!WAR ON CHRISTMAS CASUALTY REPORT:
Santa Claus Clings to Life After Brutal Horsewhipping!
"When ambulances arrived almost two hours later, a crowd of cheering church members had already shown up. I'm told that each of them had a Godly opportunity to kick and spit on that fat old devil's troll!"  Full Story!>

Baby Jesus Ruins Christmas Nativity PlayNATIVITY PLAY NIGHTMARE:
Baby Jesus Leaps From Manger, Hurls Wet Donkey Manure Into Faces of Shocked Audience!
  "You mark my words, next year the we'll double baby Jesus' meds so His holy Valium won't wear off until after the last curtain call!" Read More!>

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The Devil's Favorite Christmas ToysFROM THE VAULTS:
Lucifer's Toy Chest!
If one of these items is found in your home, then you'll have to find yourself another place to worship, for you are no longer welcome at this Godly church.  
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The Landover Baptist Christmas Quiz!Does God Approve of Our Yuletide Rituals? Only the Bible holds the shocking answers to our  holiday Christmas Quiz!  Read More!>

Christmas Memories at Landover BaptistThe Devil is in Your Chimney!  Learn the truth about Santa Claus! Get Informed!>

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We have a permanent injunction against all unsaved persons. If you are unsaved, you are not allowed within a 10-mile radius of our church, nor are you allowed on this website. Kindly leave, and be about the Devil's business, for you are not welcome here. Glory!

If you are interested in getting saved, and you are not joking around about it just to upset us, we ask you kindly to click on this link and we'll help you get started on processing your eternal security certification right away!

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