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2001 Newsletter Archive

December 2001
Nancy Boy Chrissy, The Bedwetting Sissy: Book Review
How To "Rear" a Child
The Truth About Santa Claus
A Horrifying Christian Hanukkah Experience
Kwaanza: Ghetto For Murder
A Free Holiday Christmas Card: PDF
December 2001: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

November 2001
Jewish Actor, Billy Crystal Stars as Talking Testicle in New Disney Film!
Demon Possessed Injuns!
The Bible Sex Quiz: Part II
Shocking Bible Verse Wallpapers (Free Downloadable Desktops)
True Christian® TV Guide
November 2001: Surfin' The Web With Jesus!
Potter Books Driving Children Insane
Betty Bowers' Harry Potter Movie Review

October 2001
Free Downloadable True Christian® Halloween Masks (PDF)
Take a Virtual Tour Of Our Christian Hellhouse
Join Us Our Annual Harry Potter Book Burning (PDF Flyer)
Suffer Not A Witch To Live! (Sermon)
Spooky Holy Ghost Halloween Costumes!
October 2001: Surfin' The Web With Jesus!

September 2001
Federal Court Backs Bible-Based Ban On The Handicapped (PDF Court Case)
Embryos Granted U.S. Citizenship Rights
How Does God Spot A Christian? (Quiz)
Being A Christian Is Easy As Pie! (Sermon)
Win Free Tickets To Church!
Hellhouse Flash Promo
Download Your Free True Christian® American Flag
This Fall's "Star Trek: Enterprise" Beams Up A Christian Captain!
Landover Heads Whitehouse Department of Faith
September 2001: Surfin' The Web With Jesus!

August 2001
Rectums: The Resort of Choice For Well-Traveled Demons
Murdered Children Reunited With Born-Again Killer In Heaven
Dating Tips For Christian Men
Prepare Goodbyes For Your Catholic Friends (Sermon)
True Christian® Exercise Advice
Bible Study Flash Movie
Persecution Comes In Form Of Lawsuit (PDF Court Case)
Missing Mormons (Church Flyer)
ALLAH is NOT God! (Sermon)
Bible Anagram Quiz (Flash)
August 2001: Surfin' The Web With Jesus!
Jurassic Park: Movie Review

July 2001
Yet another edition under seal by secular court order. Appeal pending. Details>

June 2001
Circumcise Yourself! Praise Jesus! (Info-graphic)
Nipple Flashing Harlot Dragged From Last Sunday's Service!
The Bible Punishment Quiz
Just Because God Loves To Kill Babies Doesn't Give You Permission! (Sermon)
WNBA: Wannabe Nasty Boys Association
Cruisin' For Jesus!
ALLAH is NOT God! (Sermon)
June 2001: Surfin' The Web With Jesus!

May 2001
Daddy, Why Did Jesus Kill Grandma? Book Review
Scottish Farmers Back With Wives In Aftermath of Foot-and-Mouth Disease
The Bible Diet Quiz
A Demoncrat Senate? (Sermon)
Planet of the So-Called Apes (movie review)
Dove Hunter Unloads Round of Buckshot Into Holy Spirit
Baptist Ladies Give Emergency Makeovers to Frumpy Pentecostals
May 2001: Surfin' The Web With Jesus!

April 2001
Free True Christian Easter Card! (PDF)
Homosexuals Prefer Dick and Colin Over Bush
Farmers Use Menstruating Women To Fertilize Crops
Unsaved Children Accidentally Mauled In Easter Bunny Egging
The Bible Slavery Quiz
The Ladies of Landover Go Harlot Hunting
I Can't Wait To See People Burn In Hell (sermon)
Christian Scientists Propose Harnessing Geothermal Energy From Hell
Lamb of God Hit With Foot-and-Mouth Disease
Self-Castration Epidemic Hits Freehold, Iowa
Mommy, Why Is That Man Skinning Our Cat?
WWF Uses Bible As Guide For Treatment of Women
April 2001: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

March 2001
St. Patrick's Day: Another Excuse For Catholics To Get Drunk!
Donkeys Can Talk, People Can Fly, A Man Named Jesus Lives Up In The Sky
You're Going Straight To Hell!
Role of Women Bible Quiz
Church Awarded Legal Injunction Against The Unsaved
Our Stand On Natural Evolution
Free St. Patrick's Day Gift Card (PDF)
The Time For Family Values Is OVER!
Send An E-Buke Free Interactive Rebuking Software
Read A Touching Christian Testimony
Christian Photo of the Month
God Opens Door But Slams Window Shut On Missionary's Fingers
March 2001: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

February 2001
Landover Ladies Go Undercover For Jesus At Des Moines Sex Club
Bible Sex Quiz
God Kicks Off End Times Killing Spree With Indian Earthquake
I've Got A Heart On For Jesus Campaign
Rugrats: Television For Pedophiles!
Download Your Free Demonology Diplmoa!
Heather Hardwick's Heart & Head Healthy Habits (Christian Dieting Series)
Hackers For Jesus Crash 300 Porno Sites!
George Bush Touches Teenage Boy
Pastor Ebeneezer Smith Goes Home To Jesus
Landover Protest of Southern Baptist Sissies
February 2001: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

January 2001
The Homo Handshake Revealed!
Creation Science Quiz
Church Renovation Includes Facility For "So-Called" Minorities
Even Chickens Can Get Demons
NIV Bibles Printed On Fetal Tissue
Harry Hardwick Interview Real Audio
Plan of Salvation Offer
Madonna Weds - Jesus Not Invited
Landover Petitions For State Voting Procedures Modeled After Electoral College
Cub Scout Discovers Giant Demon Bones
January 2001: Surfin' The Web With Jesus!

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