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2003 Newsletter Archive

December 2003
Return of the King is NOT a Movie About The Second Coming of Christ!
It's Not Pornographic Smut If It's From the Bible
Do Children Deserve Anything For Christmas?
Landover Homeowners Association Emulates The Lord, Destroying All That Displeases It
Another Fire is Burning in Waco, Texas
The Dark Motive Behind the Movie, Elf
December 2003: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

November 2003
Thankgiving Archive
Baptist Boy Plugs Into the Matrix By Inserting His Penis Into a Lamp Socket
Bible Friendly Marriage Regulations
Don't Let Those Feather Headed Pilgrim Killers Ruin Your Christian Thanksgiving!
She's White; Coby's Black. Case Closed!
Pastor Deacon Fred on "Ask the White House"
November 2003: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

October 2003
The Halloween Combat Guide
Department of Health & Human Services Shuts Down Baptist Halloween Hell House
Will Jesus Sling Little Children Into Hell For Celebrating Halloween?
Book Burning Safety Tips
The Hollywood Hotseat: Mary Worshipper, Mel Gibson
October 2003: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

September 2003
Mind Altering Energy Drink Turns Sr. High Bible Study Into Godless Sex Orgy!
Halloween Hell House Features More Than Just Usual Dumpster Full of Human Fetuses
Alabama: A Preview of the Glories of a Christian America!
Demon Possessed Baby Bites Off Pastor's Thumb In Baptismal Pool
September 2003: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

August 2003
Church Relaxes Negro Admittance Policy!
Canadian Witch Expelled Before Cheering Congregation
Pray the Pledge of Allegiance to Jesus Christ
Landover Elementary Redeems 50 Sudanese Slaves, Turns a Handy Profit
August 2003: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

July 2003
Hey Kids! Pack Your Bags for Vacation Bible GUN CAMP!
The Right to be Homo: A Giant Leap Down the Slippery Slope to Armageddon Sermon
A Tribute to Strom Thurmond: The Last True Christian™ Senator
Perversions of Creation Science!
Stop Trying to Find Nemo and Start Searching For Jesus! Film Review
July 2003: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

June 2003
Church Officials Fly to Nigeria After Receiving Urgent E-Mail Requests for Financial Aid
Derrick Todd Lee: Murderer or Martyr
Truckload of Arabs Hosed Down & Sold at Church Auction
American Christian Heritage Month: The Lost Treasure of Slavery
Jim Carrey Squats Down and Poops on the Holy Bible Film Review
June 2003: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

May 2003
How to Spot Atheists and Report Them to the FBI
Satan Reloads the Matrix
Pastor Opens Fire in Lingerie Section of Local Wal-Mart
SARS: God's Advanced Weapon of Mass Destruction
People Who Make Jesus Very Angry!
Inez Watkins, 82, Is Touched by an Angel and Calls the POLICE!
May 2003: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

April 2003
Pastor Exposes Perverted Little Yellow Cartoon Character
Bibles & Hand Grenades: Landover Baptist Love Packages Arrive in Iraq
Celebrate Christian Freedom: Paint Your Easter Eggs With Arab Blood! Sermon
April 2003: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

March 2003
Godly Tips on How to Beat the Love of Jesus Into Your Child
YOGA: A Religion For Sex Addicts
God Doesn't Want Jews Anywhere Near His Home! Sermon
Daredevil: Satan Pinches a Loaf and Calls it a Movie!
March 2003: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

February 2003
Can Star Trek Help Americans Understand the Muslim Culture of Terror?
VEGANS: Modern-Day Witches Walk Amongst Us!
Why Does Jesus Burn People in Hell? Bible Logic Quiz
American Idol'atry!
Full Blown Demon Possession Misdiagnosed as Epileptic Seizure by Unsaved Doctors
Salvation Evaluation Committee Expels 21 Church Officials
Good News for Needy Families: We Buy Children!
February 2003: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

January 2003
Unreal Tournament 2003® Bible Based Maps and Characters! | Christian Video Gamers!
The Talking Snake Theory: Creation Science and History For Christian Children
Bibles To Be Published With Parental Advisory Labels
Helping God Safely Deliver Jews Into His Furnace of Fire | Whitehouse Department of Faith
The Shepherd's Purse: 2002 Financial Report Made Public
January 2003: Surfin' The Web With Jesus

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