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2000 Newsletter Archive

December 2000
Tiny Penis Found On Grinch Doll!
Church Member Boiled Alive In Backyard Bible Skit!
Child Given Something To Cry About
I Saw My Mother Snapped Like A Wishbone In Hell!
Rap Music To Blame For Everything
Body of Christ Burger Barn
New Testament Damnation Quiz
Baptist Scientists Link Rise In Faggotry To "Something Somewhere In The Air Somehow
Landover Christmas Card Full Color PDF
Landover Gift Tags Full Color PDF
Hanukkah: Jews Celebrating Christ's Murder
Sister Taffy's Christmas
Landover Christmas Poem
December 2000: Surfin' The Web With Jesus!

November 2000
The Little Jew: Levi The Dancing Cockroach
Christian Voter Guide - PDF
Think Only About Jesus While Masturbating
Bible Quiz: The Wrath of God
Injuns Threaten Christians From Beyond The Grave!
Science Doesn't Make Any Sense
Fidelity Required of Ex- Ministry Grads
Church To Allow Gals To Vote
Jimmy Carter's Habitat For Heathens
Surfin' the Net With Jesus (November Edition)
God Is Fed Up With Middle East
November News Briefs

October 2000
Hellhouse 2000 (Interactive)
Holy Ghost Halloween Costumes
Chances Are, You and Your Family Will Wind Up In Hell
Blair Witch 2: Movie Review
The Haunted Christian House in Boulder
Do You Have A Demon In Your Colon?
Ladies of Landover Discover Depraved Cult in Utah
HELL: Mostly Chinese And Injun
Personal Testimony Contest Winner!
Kindergartners Depict Horrors of Revelation in Hellhouse!
Surfin' the Net With Jesus (October Edition)
Freakylinks: A Sissy's Version of God's Menacing Horrors
We Told That Fat Queen To Stick To Phone Sex!
October News Briefs
Betty's Halloween Costume Ideas

September 2000
3 Year Old Hates Jesus, Wishes Everyone Was Dead
America Needs Dick! (Cheney, that is...)
N'Sync Killed My Baby!
EMINEM: Born Again - Betty Bowers Interview the Rap Star
True Christians Boycott Olympics
State of Iowa to Televise Executions
Mrs. Christian USA!
The Shepherd's Purse
Pope's Death Rescheduled
Surfin' the Net With Jesus (September Edition)
September News Briefs

August 2000
Church Bulldozes Starving Ethiopians Away To Make Room For Lovely Banquet Area
WWF: A Hotbet of Latent Homosexuality!
Bible Punishment Quiz (Interactive)
Concentration Campus For Divorcees
Pummeling, Plagues and Pestilence
Film Review: The Patriot (Betty Bowers)
Old Coffee Table Actually Ark of Covenant
Levitical Law Week (Flash 4 Movie Promo)
Surfin' the Net With Jesus (August Edition)

July 2000
All You Can Eat: Endangered Species Dinner
Animation: The Jesus Fish
Ex Negro Ministry -HTML
Ex Negro Ministry -PDF
Film Review: Disney's Dinosaur Turning Kids Into Sex Maniacs!
Creation Scientists Prove: Circles are of Satan
Learning To Treat People of Color Like Human Beings
Historical Society: Grand Opening
Surfin' the Net With jesus (July Edition)
July Short News Stories

June 2000
Edition under seal by secular court order. Appeal pending. Details>

May 2000
Women Probably Don't Have Souls: Bible Fact
NASA To Place Christian Cross on Moon!
Unarmed Student Shot in the Head by a Jesus Puppet!
Despite Hating the Right People, Cardinal Sent to Hell
Church Wins Gold Organ in National Soulwinning Contest
Unsaved Five Year Old's Body Dug Up, Relocated to Unmarked Grave
Surfin' The Net With Jesus (May Edition)
Actor Playing Jesus Accidentally Crucified in This Year's Passion Play
Gladiator: Film Review
Deacon Fred Saves Atheists at Their Own Convention! (Real Audio Sermon)
May Short News Stories

April 2000
Church To Sterilize Demon-Possessed Infants!
Perverted Teacher Turns Kindergarten Into Homosexual Training Camp!
Surfin' The Net With Jesus (April Edition)
American Psycho: Film Review
RAPTURE! (Fundamentalist Cartoon)
April Short News Stories

March 2000
Jesus Was Not A Sissy (Sermon)
Landover Baptist VISA Card
Pastor Expelled For Praying To Moses
60 Second Sermons (Real Audio)
Surfin' The Net With Jesus (March Edition)
3rd Annual Personal Testimony Contest

February 2000
Who Wants To Be A Black Millionaire?
American Beauty: Ugly Satanic Slop (Film Review)
Bull Dykes Don't Cry (Film Review)
Is Dancing A Sin? Not if it's for Jesus!
Free $5,000 Christian Cruise
Answering Christian Hate Mail

January 2000
Baptists Raise $7 To Patch Cuban Boy's Raft
167 Jump To Deaths In Rapture False Alarm
11 Year Old Girl Learns To Have Sex By Watching Brittney Spears Videos
Church Members Donate Useless Junk To Needy Families As Tax Year Draws To Close
The Link Between Catholicism And Homosexuality Exposed!
Vision Of Virgin Mary Seen: Asked To "Kindly Leave!"
Unsaved Not Welcome: An Unnecessary Explanation
A Prayer Against Hollywood
Disappointing Rapture Leaves Millions Behind
There Is No Man On The Moon! (Film Review)


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